The Lords and the Serfs….It’s a Secret to No One

The Comet of Ahnket was spotted above Tarken Glacier, and Nordvegr quickly dispatched two teams to go deal with the threat from beyond the cosmos. We first encountered Duke Eblius from the Plane of Fire, but made short work of him and his army of centaurs (despite a late start due to one team member’s….Windows updates). Victory pose as seen below…

From here, we faced two paths, with great beasts from the Planes of Fire and Life, each with a guardian. The guardian of Life, Nightstalker Caelon, tried to strike us down, but the north prevailed. Also, we got loots, yo, we got loots!

The guardian of Fire, Azaphrentus, sent wave after wave against us in his rage and tried to emprison us, but we turned his own attacks against him. One of us was particularly excited by this victory…

Directly from the Plane of Fire, the great dragon Fyragnos now stood in our path. His flamestorms and magma bursts were strong, but our strategy (marking everyone with a symbol) overcame him and his legion of drakes.

Meanwhile, in the Mind of Madness, we have conquered the Unknown Fear of the Enigma. The Chaos and Pandemonium are no longer under his control!

We shall return soon to the Comet of Ahnket and attempt to take on Hericius, then Lord Fionn and his army! In the Mind of Madness, we are now approaching Lady Justice! Congratulations to everyone on 4/6 CoA and 6/9 MoM!

Duke Eblius – Eilani – Bard

Duke Eblius/Caelon/Azaphrentus – Raaliana – Cleric DPS

Duke Eblius – Serein – Tank

Nightstalker Caelon – Eilani – Rogue DPS

Nightstalker Caelon – Serein – Defiler

Azaphrentus – Eilani – Bard

Fyragnos – Eilani – Rogue DPS

Enigma – Eilani – Rogue DPS