A: Wearing the Tag

Be civil and respectful towards your fellow players. We do not accept any kind of racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted slurs or comments. We try and keep discussions of more controversial topics to a minimum, especially pertaining to religion or politics. Don’t contribute to the creation of a toxic atmosphere or spoil the enjoyment of the game for others. Remember that the way you behave inside and outside the guild reflects upon all of us.

B: Being Self-sufficient

Our guild is a good fit for players who can entertain themselves outside of scheduled guild activities without hand-holding. We expect members to need assistance, and are happy to help when we can. However, we also expect you to take initiative as you encounter new challenges. Someone will not always be available or willing to assist you at every moment. You only get out of a guild what you put in!

C. Follow the Official Terms of Service

All members are expected to follow the End User License Agreement and the Rules of Conduct for their chapter’s MMO. Members will not use, directly or indirectly, try, test out, or participate in any form of cheats or exploits.

D. Handling Conflicts

Disagreements, disputes, arguments, and personal issues will happen. Take it out of guild or public chat immediately and try to work it out in private. If it is a guild issue, ask an officer to arbitrate or intervene. If the issue concerns an officer, ask the guild leader to assist.

E. Demotion and Removal

Any member of Nordvegr, no matter their rank, is subject to the rules of this charter. Violations may result in a warning, demotion, or removal. Generally, once a member has been removed from the guild, they will not be re-invited. Inactive members may be demoted or removed per their chapter’s guidelines, but are welcome to re-apply upon their return.

F. Recruitment

Requests to join the guild are handled individually by each chapter. While we may make rare exceptions, our players are age 21 and older. Discord access is required, as it is the primary means of communication within the guild.

G. Ranks and Structure

    • Hurtug (guild leader): Makes final decisions on policies, handles alliances between us and other guilds, and helps with officer duties.
    • Hirdmen (officer): Supports members by answering questions, mediating conflicts, helping to organize activities, and recruit.
    • Thegn (class lead): Disperses helpful information and trains members of their same class. Helps officers evaluate potential recruits.
    • Jarl (long-standing member): Contributed substantial time for the betterment of the guild. Comes with extra perks!
    • Karl (member): Forms the heart and soul of the guild. The majority of members have this rank.
    • Thrall (new recruit): Entry role for new members with limited permissions. Duration depends on playtime and chapter guidelines.
    • Muckworm (time-out): You have misbehaved and lost guild permissions.

Individual chapters may have additional or modified ranks to meet their specific needs.