Embrace of Justice

Nordvegr continues its advance through the Mind of Madness! After downing the gatekeeper bosses of Pagura and Lord Arak, Nordvegr was accompanied by Anony as we attempted bosses we had not previously faced.

The first new beast we encountered was Fauxmire. He put up a valiant fight, but in the end Nordvegr triumphed.

After defeating the Old Growth, we made our way to Lady Envy. Despite not having the benefit of a giant bright white derp-zone, we overcame the waves of her fiery bullet hells and finished victorious against the wrath of the eternal queen.

We pushed forward and came upon the Pillars of Justice, Vis and Misericordia. They attempted to split our forces in two, yet we remained balanced and focused in our attack, passing their Trial of Brutality.

As five of the nine monstrosities in the Mind of Madness have been destroyed, we will now face the Unknown Fear of the Enigma and the Corruption of Lady Justice. Their might is great, but so is the might of Nordvegr!

Participating in the Trion hosted event was a great time for all of us in Nordvegr, and we are proud of our contribution as a non-hardcore guild to the Rift raiding community!