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[center][color=#b2dbff][size=5]RAIDING INFORMATION AND POLICIES[/size][/color][/center]

[center][i][size=4]Please ensure that all of your raid ready characters are signed up and up-to-date on the raid roster[/size][/i]: bit.ly/nordraids

[color=#b2dbff][size=5]General Expectations[/size][/color]

• Be on time. Invites go out 15 minutes prior to the raid time.
• Raids may last up to 3 hours during progression. Be prepared to stay the whole time.
• Prior to invites be on your main, out of party, soul mended and have necessary consumables on hand.
• Be in Discord. If you can’t/don’t want to talk that’s okay, we still need you to listen.
• Be polite. If someone messes up, they probably know. If not, it’s not your place to tell them. If you have a concern please send a /tell to leadership.
• Respect your fellow Nords. Raiding should be fun but fun shouldn’t cause a 45 minute run to become 2 hours, as raiding is a group activity.
• The raid lead will call breaks periodically throughout the raid. Try not to create your own breaks in addition to the scheduled ones.
• The schedule is posted to the guild wall every week. Look at this and prepare for fights you are not familiar with, with guides/videos/questions.
• If you have more than one character, please determine which is your main. You will need to bring your main to raids, unless told otherwise by leadership.
• Use Prophetic Brightsurge/Powersurge Vials during all raids.
• Use Atramentium Whetstones/Oilstones or Faetouched Powerstones on your weapons during raid.
• On bosses where movement is important apply Tuath’de Insoles to increase run speed.
• On pulls where we are cutting it close, use PA consumables (Consuming Fissure, Renewing Pod, Salvaged Tablet and Petrified Barnacle Rune).

[color=#b2dbff][size=5]Core Requirements[/size][/color]

• [color=#f3efb1]Attendance[/color]: Be able to attend all progression raids and stay for the full duration. If you must miss, let leadership know in advance so your role can be covered.

• [color=#f3efb1]Ability[/color]: Learn new mechanics within an acceptable time frame and be able to perform them consistently.

• [color=#f3efb1]Versatility[/color]: Play a minimum of 2 viable roles (DPS, Heals, Support or Tank) at a raid-capable level. Keep up to date with changes in your roles, and know how your roles interact with others.

• [color=#f3efb1]DPS Check[/color]: Be able to pull a minimum of 1.1m raid buffed on a single target.

• [color=#f3efb1]Equipment[/color]: While we understand gear does not equal ability, we want players in the core to demonstrate reasonable effort in pursuing upgrades to their equipment.

[*]At least 2400 hit without using hit runes
[*]4-piece set bonus with appropriate crystals for all roles
[*]Prophetic runes on all applicable gear
[*]Dream orbs with BIS stat combinations ([url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GriiU7zqts4_qrmGc-6ghDyliAnWcuOGw-T9xiYNJ5A/edit#gid=1225136130]see this spreadsheet[/url])
[*]Essences should be at least 409 resist quailty or higher
[*]At least 325k HP before feasts or other consumables
[*]Have a crafted reliquary crit pot
[*]Eternal weapon upgraded at least to the ROTP tier (having the raid-wide buff)

Being in the core ensures a priority spot in all raids as well as the understanding that we will be filling progression raids with others who meet these requirements, helping to ensure continued progression. While certain aspects of these requirements may need to be tweaked over time, it will always be announced in advance and made viewable here. A publicly accessible list of the members of the core is maintained at [url=http://bit.ly/nordraids]bit.ly/nordraids[/url] — locate the tab at the bottom titled Core Raiders.

Core raiders are also allowed to bring alts to farm content so long as their alts are capable of completing the minimum requirements for the content. Alt spots, however, are limited and at the raid leader’s discretion, so if you are wanting to do this, please let us know as much in advance as possible. Bringing an alt to a raid also means that you agree to swap to your main if the raid needs it, which can potentially mean locking both toons to one instance ID. Alts are not allowed in progression content except under very unusual circumstances, and only at the request of the raid lead.

If you do NOT meet these requirements for whatever reason, don’t worry! You may still join us for non-progression raids and activities until you improve enough to be in our raid core. Everyone in leadership as well as several other guildies are more than happy to help you work on specs, earn gear, craft runes, etc.– just ask! 🙂

[color=#b2dbff][size=5]Prophecy of Ahnket Progress[/size][/color]

• [color=#dd9323]Bastion of Steel (BoS)[/color]: Tier 2, 10-man; 3/3
• [color=#a055bb]Tartaric Depths (TD)[/color]: Tier 1, 10-man; 4/4
• [color=#a055bb]Intrepid: Rise of the Phoenix (RoTP)[/color]: Tier 1, 10-man; 4/4
• [color=#58a7c6]Tartaric Depths[/color]: LFR Tier, 10-man; 4/4

[color=#b2dbff][size=5]Nightmare Tide Record[/size][/color]

• [color=#dd2423]Comet of Ahnket (CoA)[/color]: 4/4 HM
• [color=#dd2423]Mind of Madness (MoM)[/color]: 8/9
• [color=#dd9323]Hammerknell (HK)[/color]: 10/11
• [color=#dd9323]Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy (IGP)[/color]: 4/4 HM