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Application Form Preview
Welcome! You can apply to join the site if you are a member of a current chapter or were in a now-dormant chapter. Website membership allows you to post to the Forums and upload pictures to the Gallery, but is not necessary to be part of the guild.

If you are here because you are trying to apply to join the guild, please reach out in Discord instead! You can join our server via this link, or if you prefer you can contact someone in leadership directly – @Serein#4693, @Lizbit#2996, @Eilani#2905 – and we’d be happy to chat about the guild.

To submit your application, please answer all of the following questions:

Have you read the Guild Charter and do you agree to the code of conduct there?


Are you at least 21 years old?


Are you already a member of a Nordvegr chapter?

Yes, and I currently play with the guild.

Yes, but the game or chapter is no longer active.

No (please give details below)
What chapter of Nordvegr do you play with? (Check all that apply)

Final Fantasy XIV


Elder Scrolls Online

Camelot Unchained
Which Legacy chapter of Nordvegr were you part of? (Check all that apply)

Dark Age of Camelot

Warhammer (Warvegr Guild)

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Guild Wars 2

The Secret World
Why do you want to join Nordvegr? If you were referred by a current member, please list them here.
What character name(s) do you go by? (List server if necessary)
What is your Discord ID? (including # and numbers)
If you have any additional information or comments, please enter them here.