Nordvegr: RIFT Strikes Thrice in Progression Content!

These past two raid weeks have yielded many accomplishments! We delved into Hammerknell Fortress yet again to oust the revered place of it’s horrors.

Afterall, many of the old Nord’s remember good ol’ Soulrender Zilas, as they have Beam There, Done That, and in their memory, we present proud Nordvegr Members coming together on October 24 to be the 15th North American guild to get the kill (34th world wide!) With a symbolic N, we humbly display the recently defeated Soulrender Zilas.

A mere four days later, a fortunate ten among our ranks marched into the repolished Intrepid: Guilded Prophecy, where we fought through some mild adversity, and slaughtered the recently developed Hard Mode version of An’ Rak the Foul, Though a serious defunct in the *ahem* administration department of the mighty endeavor caused us to never record a proper picture(whoops!). I’d have preferred wolves, but we were weren’t so lucky, Dances With Scorpions.

But we weren’t done yet! Not even close! Our spirit of adventure and challenge brought us back into the murky depths of Hammerknell Fortress, where we showed Vladmal Prime why his Prime and Prejudice of the mighty ascended did not fly! We stomped him and his construct army into dust, knowing we’ll have the PLEASURE of coming back next week to do it again!

With Minds of Madness coming out next week, we eagerly anticipate a new tier of progression! Fingers crossed, we may even be approaching the fore front of it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now 7/11!