Grave Wardens

After putting a stop to the machinations of the Inquisitor Garau, we heard of an even greater threat to the seas, Inwar Darktide. He summoned both of his tide wardens in an attempt to wash us away in the storm. But perservering through wave after wave of his worst attacks, Nordvegr was able to reach victory and triumph over Darktide!

And just a short time later, as our viking raid ventured further and further into the depths of Hammerknell, edging closer to Akylios himself, we found ourselves against the mighty guardian of the souls lost to the abyss, Grugonim. Despite his necrotic power and hoards plaguetouched minions, he could not stand against the might of the Nords!

This now leaves us as conquerors of 10 of the 11 vile beasts of Hammerknell Fortress. Akylios awaits, amidst a sea of madness…as does another foe on the horizon, Pagura, a nightmarish being dreamt up by the progenitors of the Plane of Water. This fiend may be of a more urgent calling than even the legendary Akylios…..more adventures await the army of Nordvegr!

Video of Inwar Darktide by Darosarabean (Defiler)

Video of Grugonim by Eilani (Rogue DPS)