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The Final Countdown

Serein a posted May 13, 17

General Silgen has fallen! We took him down in just one pull tonight, now it's time for High Priest Arakhurn!

Video from Daro (Warden)

Brief Entry, Candle Denied

Serein a posted May 10, 17

The first Tier 1 raid for Starfall Prophecy Prophecy of Ahnket has been released! On the opening night of Intrepid: Rise of the Phoenix, we ventured in and started with Beruhast, getting the ironically named Brief Candle in just one pull!

After his defeat, we confronted the gatekeeper of the raid, Ereandorn. He put up a valiant fight, but we quickly denied him entry into this world!

Video from Daro (Warden)

Taking on General Silgen next! Get your cleanse macros ready!

Video from Daro (Warden)

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Lex's comp is def out of commission-will be while before he is back.
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