Nordvegr was originally formed during the Dark Age of Camelot MMO in 2002 in Midgard on the Tintagel cluster. Founded with the ideals: ferocity in battle, intense realm pride, and respect for all fellow realm-mates.

From the beginning, we have enjoyed having players of all skill levels that are active in both PvE and PvP content. As such we have chapters in a variety of MMORPGs. Our player base is multinational with a relaxed, friendly, and productive atmosphere.

Our name is derived from Old Norse: nord meaning "North" and vegr meaning "Way". Therefore, Nordvegr traslates to "The Way of The North" or "The Northern Way".

This is the emblem designed in DAoC by the founding members of Nordvegr to represent the guild. It features a blue chevron and a 4-sided iron cross that represents strength, endurance, power, and honor.

We maintain the tradition of a Viking theme across all chapters, which is reflected in areas such as our ranks, guild housing, and more.

Keeping the connection strong across the guild as a whole is a source of pride for us!


Active Chapters

Legacy Chapters

RIFT (Faeblight server)

Camelot Unchained (server TBD)

Dark Age of Camelot

Warhammer Online

The Secret World

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Guild Wars 2

The Elder Scrolls Online


Hurtug (guild leader): In addition to the duties of Hirdmen, you also make final decisions on guild policies and handle alliances between Nordvegr and other guilds.

Hirdmen (officer): You support members by answering questions, mediating conflicts, helping to organize guild activities and recruit for the guild.

Thegn (class lead): You disperse helpful information to those of your same class to improve our performance overall. You will also help officers evaluate potential recruits of your same class.

Jarl (long standing member): You have been with us for the long haul! Thanks for sharing in our fun.

Karl (member): The majority of guild members have this rank, you form the heart and soul of the guild.

Thrall (new recruit): You are new to us and still in the probationary period, lasting 2-4 weeks depending on playtime.

Muckworm (time-out): You have misbehaved and lost guild permissions.

Individual chapters may have additional or modified ranks to meet their specific needs.