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Amary will be our font of knowledge for the SOUL PATCH, Hotfix 4.4 #13 – let’s talk about it! This was a HUGE patch for character development on RIFT, with far-reaching soul changes on Live and Prime. Initial feedback has be...
Published May 17, 2018
Greenscale has finally landed on Prime: Vigil! His roar echoes through the lands – he is not just hungry – he’s ravenous! Of the Blood Storm, no dragon was more familiar to mortal races than Greenscale the Primeval, th...
Published May 16, 2018
We don’t have to say much about Verde, the super cute chibi dragon, other than to say LOOK AT HIS EYES! He is our gift to all Prime players to celebrate the release of Greenscale’s Blight this week! Log in between May 16 ...
Published May 16, 2018

We almost had to try.

Serein a posted Dec 10, 17

We've cleared the Bastion of Steel! Titan X, while not as punishing as the 2nd boss, was still a really fun fight, and congratulations to everybody for defeating him, getting us to 3/3. Ghosts! More ghosts! Jump! Magus, top left. Wait, who's doing shovel again?

Video from Tank POV (Serein)


Serein a posted Nov 25, 17

Despite the limited raid week around the Thanksgiving holidays, we poached the Vindicator MK1 and basted Commander Isiel, making us 2/3 in Bastion of Steel! Congratulations and great work everyone! Plenty of leftovers to go around!

Video from Tank POV (Serein)

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