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Guild PvP Tournament

By Serein - Posted Aug 17, 18

Do you enjoy bathing in the blood of your enemies? Do you like to feel them crumble under the weight of your axe? Do you camp respawn points in warfronts because map objectives are for losers and it's all about the sweet, sweet kill/death ratio? Come TEST YOUR MIGHT in our upcoming Guild PvP Tournament!

  • The date: Saturday, August 25th
  • The time: 8:00pm server
  • The place: Phoenix Coliseum dimension
  • The prizes: ALL THE GLORY (plus mounts!)

How it works: we'll randomly arrange all contestants in a bracket-style tournament. It will be double-elimination, so you need to lose twice in order to be out. To ensure a level playing field, everyone will mentor to 65, which will normalize everyone's stats for their class and also remove the eternal weapon procs. This means that even if your gear isn't the greatest, you can still participate and have a shot at winning!

First Place gets to select a mount of their choice: Blue Surfboard, Primal Razorback, Cosmic Wisps, or Burning Apocalypse Snail! Second Place gets to do the same, but after the first place winner selects their mount. (Thank you to Caddern and Eilani for providing codes!)

Think you know who will emerge victorious? We'll also be taking optional wagers on the winner! Before the tournament begins, you can place a bet of 100p on your chosen contestant (including yourself, if you wish). If they win, the pot will be split between everyone who picked that person!

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