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Join Amary and Brasse to learn more about our upcoming RIFT CHEF challenge… We’re looking for recipes from Telara to be turned into mouthwatering and easy to craft RL meals and desserts at your home! What are you up for? An appeti...
Published Feb 15, 2018
These are heart-stealers! A few Lovely Cappies have been spotted hiding in the new shipment of Supply Crates! Just in time for Valentine’s Day… They’re fast, they’re incredibly cute, and they are the PINKEST pink...
Published Feb 12, 2018
Your Heart’s Desires! Some of you love to play RIFT with a special someone, some of you love to solo, some of you love to rock it out in massive raids. We celebrate all heart’s desires equally this week in RIFT! It’s Valenti...
Published Feb 12, 2018

For all inactive Rift members in the guild, whether you stopped playing semi-recently or many years ago, please note the following!

Trion is doing a "Name Reclaim" on January 31! If you want to ensure that you keep your characters' names, please login to each of them before that date! Otherwise, they will be released and other people could get your name, requiring you to rename (for free) when/if you play that toon again. The characters themselves are not being deleted, this only affects their names, but names are important!

So if you're not actively playing Rift, please login on *each toon* (not just your main) just briefly to safeguard your name! Further details on the Trion website are here: http://www.trionworlds.com/rift/en/2017/12/30/name-reclaim-by-jan-31/

And if any "players of yore" finds themselves out of guild, due to inactivity of your main, if you had alts removed, etc. just pm Serein, Lizbit, Coelz, Eilani, Lexsa, or Kalelx in-game, in discord, or on the website and we can get you back in! (*cough* Rift is free-to-play, even the current expansion! *cough*)

We almost had to try.

Serein a posted Dec 10, 17

We've cleared the Bastion of Steel! Titan X, while not as punishing as the 2nd boss, was still a really fun fight, and congratulations to everybody for defeating him, getting us to 3/3. Ghosts! More ghosts! Jump! Magus, top left. Wait, who's doing shovel again?

Video from Tank POV (Serein)

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Camelot Unchained Beta 1 - July 4th 2018!
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